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At Petsburgh we value our customers and their pets.  We always love to hear how we are doing and how much your pet enjoyed their experience.

“We just had the very good fortune to have your groomer groom our 16 yr old border collie Sadie. Sadie is a wonderful dog who spent the first 4 yrs of her life in an abusive situation. As a result she can be a "handful" despite the loving care she has received these many years following.  When I say handful, I really mean "very difficult" to groom. In addition she has an extremely bad back and arthritis in 3 legs.  Your groomer was so gentle, kind and patient it was remarkable. You can tell she has a heart for what she does and you should feel very blessed to have her represent your company. Going forward we will be recommending Petsburgh to all of our family and friends.”  Rebecca E. 

“Just a quick note to let you know my sister and I are very pleased with the grooming on Ziggy Bear, Teddy and Lucy. They are acting like they are particularly feeling good about their new styles.  Thanks again, see you at our next visit.”  Marie S.  

“I just wanted to let you know that the grooming done on Cobe was absolutely perfect.  I want to thank you for the wonderful job. Thanks again!” Orysia B.  

“Hi Julie, thank you and your staff for grooming BJ and doing a great job. Your service is so convenient and works well for BJ since he hates car rides.”  Kelly P. 

“Your groomer was out to my house this morning to take care of my dogs.  I just want to let you know she did a phenomenal job.  She’s a keeper.  Definitely keep that girl, because I’m a customer for life.  She fixed Ginger, Ginger was a mess from another groomer.  And we have a new puppy, she did this whole pom pom thing.  I was just astounded what a great job she did.”  Brian N.  

As a volunteer for a local animal agency for 30 years, I have heard complaints on too many local groomers. Our 18 year old Lhasa was a tender, insecure dog with health issues. She came to us after shabby beginnings and her face told of her thoughts. We know you treated her well. Thank you for helping us keep her comfortable. Though Coco's life ended weeks ago, I will continue recommending Petsburgh to other pet caregivers. Keep growing.”  Anne C.  

“I am so pleased... Petsburgh is growing because of the proper handling of our pets, the cheerful and refreshing personality you bring to our doors, and the management of the business. Your appointment reminders, your receipts and the communication skills far exceed any other grooming service we have experienced.  

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